Program Schedule




Dr. Kristoffer Neville, Professor and Chair, History of Art

Introduction: Elizabeth Carleton (Conference Co-Coordinator and PhD Student)


10:00–11:15 PANEL ONE Structural Reconfigurations

Moderated by Dr. Yong Cho, Assistant Professor, History of Art

Piper Prolago, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, “The Shadow of The Cross: African Spiritualism in Horror and the Genre-Bending of Ganja & Hess

Joon Hye Park, University of California, Los Angeles, “The Polemics of Environment: Kim Kulim’s Heterogeneous Interventions”

Aisha Marie Muhammad, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “An Examination of Ruin and Reconstruction in the Work of Sammy Baloji”


11:15–11:25 BREAK


11:25–12:40 PANEL TWO Life Cycles in Site

Moderated by Dr. Johannes Endres, Professor and Graduate Advisor, History of Art and Comparative Literature

Eric Mazariegos, Columbia University, “Melting, Liquifying, Changing: Wet Ontologies and Fluid Ecologies of Ancient Art from the Greater Caribbean”

Jessica Braum, Temple University, “Pruitt-Igoe Bee Sanctuary: The Embodied Space of Site History, Site-Specificity, and New Genre Public Art”

Russell Stephens, University of British Columbia, “The Shifting Representation of Mass Death within Second Empire Caricature Following the 1866 Battle of Königgrätz – Honoré Daumier’s La Toussaint


12:40–1:50 LUNCH (Catered)


1:50–2:50 KEYNOTE

Dr. Naomi Pitamber, Assistant Professor, Clark University, Scholar in Residence, Getty Research Institute

“Resilience and Decay in Laskarid Frescos”

Introduction: Becky Luo (Conference Co-Coordinator and MA Student) 


2:50–3:00 BREAK


3:00–4:15 PANEL THREE Entropic Material Histories

Moderated by Dr. Fatima Quraishi, Assistant Professor, History of Art (Presentations streamed synchronously via Zoom)

Gabrielle Clement, University of Delaware, “‘Water, Earth, and Air Infected’: Reconceiving Monumental Architecture in Philadelphia’s Disease Environment, 1793–1826”

Anushka Hosain, University of Bologna, “From Ruins to Ruination: The Aesthetics of Indian Degeneration in Colonial Photograph Albums”

Stefano Farinelli, University of Kent, “Tribolo and Michelangelo: Stylisation of Entropy in the Art of the Cinquecento”



Dr. Johannes Endres, Professor and Graduate Advisor, History of Art and Comparative Literature


Please join us after the conference at the UCR BA Graduation Show Opening Reception in the atrium of the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts.